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[edit] Why Help Out?

Grant writing is hard. Finding out the ever changing rules for the NSF, DARPA, and all the other mechanisms is challenging especially for young investigators like me.

I started to collect little templates, just for myself, that explained what I learned after finishing a grant. I passed them on to my friends when asked so they could have a starting point that I didn't. Recently, I had an idea. What if we shared our resources? Everyone could benefit. So here is my first step in creating a living set of templates for grant writing that allows you all to contribute to our collective knowledge. There are of course some dangers here. I can't guarantee anything is correct or even a good way to do it. It is just a perspective. So take it or leave.

How can you help? If you write a grant for DARPA, NIH, just write a template after you are done and upload it here. I have stuck to titles like "Year Agency Article". Also, it doesn't have to be just grants. It can be anything that you think will help someone be a better professor, postdoc, or grad student.

[edit] How to add a template?

  1. Go to Create Wiki.
  2. Select "Create a single wiki page".
  3. Type in the name of the article.
  4. Log In.
  5. Click on "Article" on the top left of the page.
  6. Type up your template.
  7. Put http://editthis.info/a_grant_writers_guide/Main_Page at the top of the page.
  8. Enter captcha code. This prevents spammers.
  9. Go back to The Guide.
  10. Add your template url to the list of current templates.

[edit] Nonagency Guides

  1. Susan Finger's Guide to the NSF

[edit] Agency Guides

  1. NSF
  2. NSF Grant Proposal Guide
  3. NSF Fastlane
  4. NIH
  5. NIH Guidelines

[edit] Current List of Templates

Here are some templates I used for my grants. Remember these are just a starting point and by no means definitive.

  1. NSF_2012_BioSketch
  2. NSF_2012_ProjectSummary
  3. NSF_2012_ProjectDescription
  4. NSF_2012_HowTosAndLinks

[edit] "How to" Guides

  1. Rules for Scientific Presentations.
  2. How to Write a Letter of Interest .
  3. NSF Proposal Project Summary and Merit Review Criteria Checklist.
  4. ACS PRF DNI general information.

[edit] Management Series

These slides are my own work. Taken from notes during the Stanford Management Lecture Series. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the people who gave these lectures. Just my take on what I learned.

  1. Starting your own lab
  2. Increasing Your Visibility
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