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Stuart Miller is currently a junior at Lassiter High School in Marietta, GA. He is a former member of Exodus AZA, where he ran for chapter S'gan at the end of his freshman year. Though he lost, he attended CLTC 3 that summer (2004) and was an assest to the chapter over the next year.

When Palmach was founded in the spring of 2005, Stuart stepped up and voluteered to help in the creation of the new East Cobb/Marietta chapter. He ran for S'gan, where he was victorious, making him Palmach's first ever Aleph S'gan. Palmach's first year of existence was incredible, and alot of its success can be attributed to Stuart's hard work. He and Aleph Godol Sammy Shapiro worked very well together and (with much help from the rest of the board) were able to take in the largest freshmen class in the East Cobb/Marietta area that year.

As S'gan, Stuart planned/coordinated Palmach's programs its first year, helping to create chapter traditions to be passed on to future members of Palmach.

Please see History of Palmach AZA for more detailed information of Palmach's programming during 
the 2005-2006 school year. 

In spring 2006, at Atlanta Council Spring Convention, Stuart became one of four of the first members of Palmach to caucus for Atlanta Council Executive Board. He was forced to run against Palmach chapter Shaliach, Michael Craig. He won the election and (due to the fact that Sammy had lost all four of the previous elections that day) became the first member of Palmach to be elected to Council Board, followed by Sammy at Gizbor.

Currently Stuart serves as Council Shaliach on the 78th Atlanta Council Executive Board.

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