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Hi! this is your friendly Admin here Template:Grin!

I write Fan Fiction and I'm doing some experiments with using Wikipedia to do team Fan Fiction with pictures, sounds and Flash. Want to join me ? Just start Reading or Writing or Researching your next masterpiece and saving the research here.


Renmiri AKA Admin 08:39, 16 February 2006 (PST)

PS: Because most people write using Word I am trying to find easy ways to import from Word to WikiMedia. You can see the gory tech details below

New Stories

See the most recent creations at What's New

Technical Details About this site

Skip this if you are not experienced in Wikimedia. Renmiri AKA Admin 20:38, 14 March 2006 (PST)

Importing content into this Wiki

So far the easiest way I have found is by importing from blogs such as Blogger or Wordpress. If you are here to see the XML Import functions, the new software is not here. This is just a plain vanilla Wiki where I use the Wiki standard Special:Import to bring in XML content generated on other sites such as:

  • Blog to Wiki - all contributions by IP were brought here using my XML Export feature on another site. Some posts came originally from Blogger.com and some were created in Wordpress. Both were exported out of Wordpress. See details at Wordpress to Wiki.
  • Wikipedia / Wikibooks - all pages with template {{Wkp}} or {{Wkb}} were obtained via the plain vanilla Special:Export option from Wikipedia or Wikibooks and imported here.
  • Other XML - To load my 150 story preload pages I wrote a little php to output Wiki XML just the way I needed them.

Examples of Imported pages

  • a sample XML file for a page - here
  • a sample of my Wordpress to Wiki XML output here and the resulting pages here
  • a sample of XML exported from Wikipedia is at XML Lunar Cry and the resulting page is Lunar Cry
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