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Hi there! I'm Koopa64, I have been playing the TimeSplitters games for well over 3 years now. As soon as I stumbled across tons of uncreated TS1 articles, I just knew that my copy of TS1 would've come in handy eventually.

The Creation of the Koopa64 Logo

On the right is list of the logo's various versions it went through.

Also, I should proboably give credit to my Mom for helping me with my Logo, it wouldn't be where it is now, gotta hand it to her for being good at Adobe Photoshop! I did the early beta image myself. My Mom did the alternate logo's color.

This is the final version, absolute final. Isn't it good? :D
This is a alternate version of the final product. It is suppose to reflect the N64 logo's color scheme.
This an early final version, it lacks color as you can see.
This is a fixed up version of the original image, this image has not been cleaned yet.
This is an early beta logo, you have to start somewhere right?

Me and My TimeSplitters

I first discovered TimeSplitters in the form of TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. TS: FP was one of the only FPS games (at the time) that I really got into. After my brother took his Xbox and copy of TS: FP (Yes, those were his), I decided to go around and look for TimeSplitters 2, which I had heard a lot about. After I got ahold of an Xbox version, I hadn't realize that my brother would be away for longer than we had expected, so I went and bought a copy of TS2 for the GameCube. I had spent over 2 YEARS on that game long after my brother came back with his Xbox and copy of TS: FP. Later in life, I was able to buy a PS2 so I could buy TS1, just to finish off my collection.

Some of my other hobbies include playing Ocarina, playing games on my iMac (I hate Windows) and wasting entire afternoons on TS2.

TimeSplitters Wiki Activities

What I'm doing right now is filling out all of the uncreated TS2 Arcade League articles, I've currently cleaned up the Elimination Series in the Honorary League.

Some Other Stuff

Here's a look at the time that I have spent on the 3 TS games, updating will probably be slow:

  • TS2: 5 Days 1 Hours 51 Minutes 58 Seconds
  • TS3: 4 Days 15 Hours 2 Minutes 56 Seconds
  • TS1: 18 Hours 7 Minutes 22 Seconds

My favorite characters:

  • TS1: Gingerbread Man, R-108
  • TS2: Handyman, R-109
  • TS3: Handyman, R-110

Consoles that me/my family owns, oldest to newest:

  • NES
  • Genesis
  • Super NES
  • Nintendo 64
  • Dreamcast
  • Play Station 2
  • Gamecube (2 systems)
  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360
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