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I joined on 2/14/07. I saw this wiki when searching on the internet. I'm completely obsessed in TS2, so I thought "Hey! Heres a TS wiki, why not check it out?" I checked out a few articles, but saw lots of content missing. So I decided that I would add my knowledge of TS for the whole world to see (or something like that).

My thoughts on TimeSplitters

Well, for one thing, I only own TimeSplitters 2. However, I am COMPLETELY obsessed in the game. In fact, I'm a 12.0 on the 10.0 scale of obsession. I probably rate the game 9/10, even thought I am obsessed. The game is the best (for GameCube at least) FPS I've ever played. I sometimes play up to 3 hours a day (although rarely). I am also planning to buy TSFP soon. I also LOVE Mapmaker, and have around 10 maps for it. Sometimes I get worried that I will run out of Memory card space, even though I still have around 1900 blocks open.
As for TimeSplitters themselves, I find them very strange looking. However, I like the TS2 versions better than the Zombie-Like versions in TS1. I often include at least one type of TimeSplitter in all my custom bot sets.
My favorite characters in TS2 are Leo Krupps, Machinist, and Reaper Splitter. My least favorite character is the Monkey.

TS-Wiki Contributions (Last Update: 4/4/07)

  • New Articles (23)
    • Aztec (Map), Can't Handle This, Chasm, Circus, Cold Corpse Caper, Double Bill, Feeder Zombie, Finding Averages, Flame Tag, Hangar, Health and Armor, Hybrid Golems Gone Wild, Hybrid Mutant, Kill, Kypriss, Lawyer, Loss, Maiden, Medal, Powerup, Shrink Powerup, Time to Split, Vampire
  • Major-ish Edits (11)
    • Crates, Handyman, Homing Launcher, Hospital, Robot, Sewer Zombie, Shrink, Sniper Rifle, Stone Golem, Tileset, Zombie
  • Contribution Page
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