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TimeSplitters Music

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Each TimeSplitters game has its own unique soundtrack, composed largely, but not exclusively, by Graeme Norgate. Most of the tracks are available for download, free of charge, on Free Radical's web page, along with printable album artwork for each game:

However, the selection of tracks available from Free Radical is not complete. The missing cues, together with the rest of the TimeSplitters soundtrack, is available at TimeSplitters Music Box, also free of charge. It should be noted, however, that there are some differences in the track names.


Official Music Lists

TS1 Music List

Track Composer Notes
Tomb Norgate
Chinese Norgate
Cyberden Norgate
Cyberden Launch Norgate
Village Norgate
Chemical Plant Norgate This song features certain beats that are used in TS2's Sibera song.
Planet X Norgate
Mansion Norgate
Docks Norgate
Spaceways Norgate Norgate's sci-fi leitmotif is first heard here. It's heard again in TSFP's VR.
Graveyard Norgate
Site Norgate
Streets Norgate
Castle Norgate
Bank Norgate
Spaceship Norgate
Mall Norgate Melody comprable to Muzak, or elevator music
Compound Norgate
Warzone Norgate
Alien Tileset Norgate
Gothic Tileset Norgate
Industrial Tileset Norgate
Virtual Tileset Norgate
Title Screen Norgate This is the TS theme tune. TS2's main menu music also follows this, but FP's does not.
Unknown Norgate Dubbed "Spaceport" by TS Music Box. It's uncertain where in the game this is heard, but it is similar to the end credits theme.

TS2 Music List

Track Composer Notes
Siberia Norgate
Sibera Chopper Attack Norgate A faster and slightly edited version of the main Siberia song
Chicago Norgate
Notre Dame Norgate
Notre Dame Portal Demon Norgate Loosely inspired by "Never Let Me Down Again" by Depeche Mode.
Return to Planet X Norgate
NeoTokyo Norgate Features the NeoTokyo leitmotif, which is heard in several places in TS2. Possibly inspired by Bladerunner.
Wild West Norgate The Guitar parts were played by Richard Parr.
Atomsmasher Norgate
Aztec Ruins Exterior Norgate
Aztec Ruins Interior Norgate
Robot Factory Norgate A edited version of this song is used in TS2's Story menu.
Space station Norgate
Mexican Mission Norgate
Ice Station Norgate
Hospital Norgate
Training Ground Norgate
Scrapyard Norgate
Nightclub Norgate A more upbeat rendition of the Chicago track.
Hangar Norgate Also used in the Chasm level.
Ufopia Norgate
TS2 Streets Norgate While the level remains the same, Streets featured different music from its TS incarnation. This track is also the Alien Tileset's default music.
Circus Norgate
TS2 Industrial Tileset Norgate This is the second track to feature the NeoTokyo theme.
TS2 Virtual Tileset Norgate This is in fact the Alien Tileset music from the original TS.
Anaconda Norgate
AstroLander Norgate The NeoTokyo theme arises again here, this time in a considerably slower rendition.
RetroRacer Norgate
TS2 Title Screen Norgate A remixed and updated continuation of the TS theme.
Story Level Select Norgate A segment of "Robot Factory" slightly edited for length.
TS2 Credits Norgate This song is FP's Virtual Tileset theme.
Goteki TS Remix Goteki
Mission Success Norgate
Mission Failure Norgate See Article
Aztec Background Noise Norgate
Mapmaker Norgate A curious inclusion, as there is no background mapmaker music in TS2.

TSFP Music List

Track Composer Notes
Scotland the Brave Norgate
Scotland the Brave Tank Norgate The same song is used for the gameplay trailer left at the beginning of the game.
The Russian Connection Marcussen
The Khallos Express Marcussen
The Khallos Express Helicopter Marcussen
The Mansion of Madness Norgate Norgate comments that this was influenced by The Shining.
What Lies Below Marcussen
Breaking and Entering Norgate
You Genius, U-Genix Marcussen
Machine Wars Marcussen
Something to Crow About Marcussen
You Take the High Road Marcussen]]
The Hooded Man Marcussen Same as Mars Prison
Bunker Norgate
Disco Norgate
Hotel Marcussen
TS3 Siberia Norgate
Spaceport Norgate This was based upon a remix for Illumina. The very beginning is also similar to the melody of a Russian folk song.
Subway Norgate
Temple Norgate & Goteki
Venice Jeremy Taylor This is actually a fast-paced remix of the Funeral March for Queen Mary.
VR Norgate This map uses the familiar sci-fi leitmotif seen from TS's Spaceways.
Zeppelin Norgate
Egyptian Tileset Norgate
Horror Tileset Norgate
Lab Tileset Norgate This is the same song as "Cortez Can't Jump"
Military Tileset Norgate Same as TS3 Siberia
Cortez Can't Jump Norgate This is the same song as "Lab Tileset"
Like a Monkey Goteki? "Like a Robot" with "Robot" replaced with "Monkey" at every juncture.
Like a Robot Goteki?
Like a Robot (instrumental version) Goteki? "Like a Robot" except that there are no lyrics.
Mapmaker Norgate
TS3 Title Screen Norgate TSFP's theme is different from the previous games' in that the TS theme doesn't return.
Movie Suite - Action Marcussen The three Movie Suite cues are used in cutscenes throughout TSFP.
Movie Suite - Sneak - Bad Guys Marcussen
Movie Suite - Sneak - Good Guys Marcussen

Unofficial Music Lists

TimeSplitters Advance

The music for TimeSplitters Advance was probably done solely by Graeme Norgate, but since the game was never released, we can only assume this.

TimeSplitters 4

The upcoming music for TimeSplitters 4 is expected to be composed by Graeme Norgate and possibly Christian Marcussen.

TimeSplitters Gold

TimeSplitters Gold uses MIDI renditions of the official music in TSFP. These renditions were arranged by Monocledsardine of TeamSplitters.

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