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Below is the syntax used in MediaWiki software (i.e. this one ;-])

  • '''Text'''

This makes "Text" bold.

  • ''Text''

This makes "Text" italic.

  • '''''Text'''''

This makes "Text" bold & italic.

  • [[Sergeant Cortez]]

Appears as: Sergeant Cortez

  • [[Sergeant Cortez|Bald Guy]]

Appears as: Bald Guy but when clicked goes to Sergeant Cortez's page.

  • [http://www.frd.co.uk]

Appears as [1], and when clicked goes to Free Radical's website.

  • [http://www.frd.co.uk My Website]

Appears as My Website, but when clicked goes to Free Radical's website. Notice the single space between the URL and the text.

  • ----

This makes a line across the page, used to seperate things- use sparingly.

  • *Cortez

The star makes a bullet point.

  • = Text =

Makes "Text" appear as a Main title with a seperater line

  • == Text ==

Makes "Text" appear as a sub-main title with a seperater line. Basically, the more equal signs you put, the less high ranked the title is.

  • [[Image:Example.jpg]]

This puts an uploaded image on the page.

  • http://www.website.com/picture.jpg

If you want to display an off-site picture, all you have to do is paste it's URL onto the page.

  • [[Image:Cortez.png|right]]

This makes the embedded picture move to the right of the page, and the text will go around it. Likewise you can also choose left or center instead of right. However, you can only use this feature with uploaded images, it doesn't work with off-site pictures.

  • [[Image:Cortez.png|frame|Here is a bald man]]

This makes the picture appear in a frame with a comment below it saying "Here is a bald man". You can leave out the comment if you want.

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