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Silent but Deadly

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Silent but Deadly
Game TS2
Section Infiltration
Map Siberia
Character Gregor Lenko
Enemies Encountered Capt. Snow
Lt. Chill
Sgt. Shivers?
Trooper White?
Rewards ?: Viking Hat
Medal Requirements Bronze: 0 points
Silver: 700 points
Gold: 1000 points
Platinum: 1000 points in less than 0.40 secs

Silent but Deadly involves Gregor Lenko stealthily moving through the first section of Siberia as well as blowing up the Satellite Dish. Stealth is needed, and the touch of speed is needed to earn the Platinum.



Walk forward and grab the Sniper and the other gun. Use the sniper to take out the camera and man on the big building ahead. Then move out of the tunnel and watch out for the man in the compound who, if you go too soon, will spot you. Then run down into the compound, take him out and then go back out again. From slightly down the fence to the left, snipe the woman and then move round to the stairs on the big building. Use your Uplink to see the bloke there and kill him as he moves away. Run up the stairs, go into the building and open the doors via the switch and then run out along the platform and down into the building. Grab the mines, then run back upstairs and blow the dish up. The run for the dam to complete.

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