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Playing with Fire

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Playing with Fire
Game TS2
Section Banana Chomp
Map Aztec
Character Wood Golem
Enemies Encountered None
Rewards Silver: Wood Golem
Medal Requirements Bronze: 18 Bananas
Silver: 22 Bananas
Gold: 24 Bananas
Platinum: 24 Bananas and at least 0.9 seconds left

Playing with Fire is a TimeSplitters 2 Challenge. It involves getting as many bananas as possible (max: 24) before you die by burning alive in 30 seconds.



Jojo shot The Wood Golem with a flaming crossbow bolt. The Golem's not got long left but he's intent on getting his own back by eating as many of Jojo's bananas as possible! Go for the burn, Woody!


Immediately run forward to the corner, take a right, and then take the first left. You should have two bananas now. If not, restart. Grab the banana in front of you, then the one to your right. Grab the five in the pillar room, and then move to the next hall. Grab the three in front of you. When you get to the fourth, take a left. Grab five in the next room. Don't bother with the one on the far side. Head down to the next area. Grab the group of five bananas in front of you, and then head to the right across the bridge near the dead end for the last.


There is a horrific glitch in this challenge. If you get a Gold medal and allow the game to save, you will NEVER be able to get a Platinum medal. Bronze and Silver are fine, but if you get a gold, you MUST turn off your system. Restarting won't help. You must turn it off.

World Record

  • World Record: 8.6 Seconds Left (By Silent Thunder)
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