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Lobster Run

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Lobster Run
Game TS1
Section 3
Map Village
Character Robofish
Enemies Encountered Green Team
Chinese Chef x2
Yellow Team
Fishwife Mutant x2
Rewards Enemies turn to Robofish
Medal Requirements 15

Lobster Run is a TimeSplitters 1 Challenge. It involves securing Lobsters at your base.


The villagers have gone crustacean crazy. Chefs are boiling lobsters in the basement and fishwives are serving them up cold in the inn. You must help your shell-fishy friends! Try to save at least 15 in 5 minutes 30 seconds.


Run from your base as quickly as possible to the centre where the lobsters are and take one and bring it back. If you see any Fishwife Mutants with a lobster in between your base and the centre, kill them, steal the Lobster and go for a quick point.

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