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Crispy Duck

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Crispy Duck
Game TS1
Section 2
Map Docks
Character Mr. Big
Enemies Encountered Chinese Chef
Chinese Waiter
Duckman Drake
Rewards Duckman Drake
Medal Requirements The Duck lives

Crispy Duck is a TimeSplitters 1 Challenge. It involves escorting Duckman Drake around the Docks.


Duck season's over and Duckman Drake is heading off on vacation. But the restaurant staff want to serve him up with pancakes with hoisin sauce. Don't let them. You must keep that duck alive.


Stay near the duck at all times and kill the people. Once you're round the first corner, someone will exit the building on the left. Kill him. After everyone in this area is dead, proceed to the crossing, shoot the camera. When you're through, check the radar for the Duck. Proceed with it, running ahead to kill the people on your radar. Protect him at all times from now on because the last area is the place he's most likely to die.

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