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Aztec (Map)

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Size Medium
Location In the Aztec Jungle
Climate Sunny
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots High Priest
Jungle Queen
Aztec Warrior
Wood Golem
Stone Golem
Leo Krupps
Captain Ash
Recommended Weapons Crossbow
Luger Pistol
Tommy Gun
Grenade Launcher

Aztec is a Arcade Custom map based of the Story mission Aztec in TimeSplitters 2. It includes all the outside areas of the story mode mision, and features several weapons, Health and Armor, and powerups that were not featured in story mode.


Like the story mode mission, Aztec features several different rooms. These include a pillar room, a pond, a bridge that spans over a river, and several corridors. The two main areas are large, open areas with several exits. Both of these feature small stone walls, suggesting they used to be outposts for the Aztec people.
This map is medium-sized, and unless you know the features, very easy to get lost in. Like in story mode, most of the plants are flammable, although there are no beehives. Getting too close to the many torches, like in Story, can set you on fire. This is the main reason for a pond in the map, so you can put yourself out.

Gameplay Advice

This map is good for Virus and Flame Tag, due to the many corridors and such (unless you want dead ends everywhere). Also, all the Deathmatch type modes are good (i.e. Regeneration and Elimination), although team modes play rather dull here. The music recommendations are (rather obviously) Aztec Exterior and the more battle-like Aztec Interior.

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