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It is a documented fact that Chinese men will eat anything if they are told it will make their penis grow bigger. In East Asia all living things are considered food, especially cats, but also dogs, snake blood, horse penis and testicles.
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Some Chinese people even eat human fœtuses. The weirdest things gobbled down by the slightly more sophisticated Japs include grasshoppers, raw seafood (sometimes eaten while still alive), snapping turtles, bee larvae and fish sperm. It isn't merely the cultural taboo on eating animals we consider to be our friends (i.e. cats & dogs) which puts people off, but also the cruel way these animals are kept and slaughtered by vendors. Cats in typical Chinese meat markets are crammed into tiny wire cages without any room to move. In order to keep as much of the animal's blood as possible (as blood is part of the delicacy), cats in China are typically slaughtered by placing them in a burlap sack and beating them to death with a club. The animals are kept in close proximity to the bloody, unrefrigerated carcasses of various types of animals. The lack of hygiene in Asian meat markets and farms is thought to have spawned both the SARS and Avian Flu outbreaks.

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