Shaker High School

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Name Shaker High School
Type Senior High School
Location Latham, New York
Colors Blue and White
Mascot Blue Bison

Both in the real world and in the fictional universe of SOTF, Shaker is a large high school in Latham, New York state. Along with Aberthol High School it was one of the schools that had students kidnapped in the first SOTF game, with the sole survivor of that particular class being Andrew Klock because he was sick on the day of the trip (the winner was Sydney Morvran, meaning that all of the other Shaker students were apparently killed). Like Aberthol, just about nothing has been shown of Shaker's SOTF incarnation, other than the names of some students remembered by Andrew. In terms of structure, staff, administration, and everything else it is identical to how the real Shaker High School was in 2005. During an abandoned attempt at a story that portrayed the events of SOTF v0, the Shaker students were mostly portrayed as players, or at the least more concerned with fighting amongst themselves than against the Aberthol students. The characters in the video played during the prologue of v1 were Shaker students.

Sometime during 2007, some information regarding V0 was released to the public, along with promises that the SOTF competition that started it all would soon be released on DVD. Among the information released was the class list of Grade 10 Shaker High School students that participated in V0 of the SOTF ACT. Those students are as follows:

  • Gregory "Greg" Rin, age 15
  • Brennen Edwards, age 16
  • Kevin Edwards, age 16
  • James "Jimmy" Newton, age 17
  • Patrick Grey, age 16
  • William "Will" Manchester, age 16
  • Ryan Lawrence, age 17
  • Isaac "Ike" Grayson, age 16
  • Zachary "Zach" Stone, age 16
  • Nicholas "Nick" Hawke, age 16
  • Todd Jackson, age 15
  • Andrew Steele, age 16
  • Lorenzo Salas, age 18
  • Jorge Villegas, age 16
  • Dustin "D.J." Jennings, age 17
  • Ashley "Ash" Roberts, age 16
  • Kaylee Thomas, age 15
  • Aaliyah McGee, age 17
  • Sheryl Bodine, age 16
  • Christie Hawthorne, age 15
  • ChloĆ« Grayson, age 16
  • Emily Brewer, age 15
  • Meggan Gage, age 16
  • Lilly Sterling, age 16
  • Kera Harris, age 16
  • Kayla Harris, age 15
  • Rachael Williams, age 16
  • Rita Preston, age 15
  • Jaclyn Frost, age 17
  • Elizabeth Quincy, age 15
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