X-42 Variant-Alpha Powered Assault System

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A MK VI MJOLNIR-like exoskeleton built, owned, and used by MDM.

MDM's model's official registry number is the X-42 V-A PAS/X-001.

It comes equipped with a miniature fusion reactor that powers the suit. The reactor rarely needs to be refueled, and there is little danger of radiation poisoning.

The X-42's features include a built-in energy shield capable of resisting TF beams and bullets. The shield is vulnerable to plasma-based weaponry, however.

Distinguishing features that set it apart from the MK VI MJOLNIR include a built-in jetpack allowing MDM to reach hard-to-access locations, a stalk scanner that allows MDM to see infrared and X-ray wavelengths, a taser-like device built into the left forearm, and a holster for a TF gun attached to the right hip.

The X-42 increases the user's strength by 175%, allowing the wearer to easily push aside heavy obstacles.

The X-42 is easily comparable to the M27 APS used by the EGSDF Force Recon. The M27 is a foot taller, but the X-42's armor plating is much more durable and the energy shield gives the X-42's wearer an added bonus.

The X-42 weighs 1,200 pounds.

A heavy assault variant of the X-42 Variant Alpha armor exists, and is referred to as the Devastator variant. The hallmarks of the Devastator variant include thicker (up to three inches of titanium-tungsten) armor and teleporter packs to get Devastator-armored Titan Legionaries wherever they are needed on the battlefield.

See also X-42 Variant Beta Powered Assault System and X-42 Variant Gamma Powered Assault System.

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