From Egs Mayhem

Um. Lessee, how do I put this...hrm...

Howzabout, "Bwa ha ha! I am like unto the god of this tiny online realm! Tremble before me!"

...nah, the voice wasn't low enough. Anyhoo. I'm the admin. I roam these here parts and make sure nobody's doing anything nasty, mean-spirited, uncouth, or not relating to Mayhem. If there's an issue you feel I need to address, put it on me Talk. I try to be responsible about the Wiki, as I was the cause of the prematurity of its birth and I feel I must do some measure of penance for that. It's totally not about my semi-tyrannical love of power. Nope nope.

VOR and I are the same guy (or at least we inhabit the same body most of the time). Admin's just the login I use on most occasions now, as the VOR user does not have Admin powers.

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