The Khans

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The Khans are an infinite horde of Genghis Khan clones under the command of A Fan. The origin of the Khans depends on who and where you ask, and is summarized below. Each Khan is equipped with a laser and a jetpack, though the former is replaced with a sonic disruptor for AquaKhans and the latter is swapped for a MMU for AstroKhans. The Khans, when unneeded, are barracked in Fan's n-dimensional sinuses. (Don't ask.)

IC Origin

The Khans were conceptualized by A Fan when he realized: "If one Genghis Khan took over most of Asia with 10th century technology, imagine what an arbitrarily large number of Khans could do with future tech!" Thus inspired, Fan visited a closely guarded shrine in the Gobi Desert, guarded by closely guarded monks. In the shrine he was able to obtain a genetic sample of the Mongol warlord, and the rest, as they say, is history.

RL Origins

The Khans were created at, where Fan, under the alias of Overactive Mind, needed to come up with a good counter-concept for another author's infinite hordes. The same logic was used in the creation of the Khans, just without all the closely guarded things.

Purpose in Mayhem

The Khans are essentially the EGS redshirts in the Crossover Wars, allowing the Bunnies to take casualties without loosing named characters. They also serve as helpful messengers for Fan when both he and his muses are occupied.

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