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The Driftersverse is a space-opera continuity that originated with the Drifters RP, then was revived and updated for Drifters II. Both RPs died prematurely (at least with regard to their pages - both lasted a while timewise, mainly due to too many plot twists on the part of Drifters I and constant bumping of Drifters II); the underlying reason for these deaths has not been firmly established.

The premise of both Driftersverse RPs was that of starships, belonging to multiple alien races, being knocked out of wherever they were before and ending up together in an unknown region of space. They then had to work together to get back to somewhere they recognised.

Death Theories

I'm fairly sure that the actual deaths were caused by players losing interest, but this is some speculation as to why.

  • The Drifters RPs succumbed to Overly Complex Background Anemia Syndrome, a common pitfall for RPs whose 'world' is too detailed and/or well-defined.
  • The need to go over to one another's spaceships, and have a legitimate reason to do so, rather than simply striking up a conversation with that cute alien (dude/chick according to your preference) over there and fill pages that way, not to mention sparking half a dozen romances in a day or two of IC time as seems to be the current trend.
  • A severe lack of waffles. Waffles make everything better.
  • No clearly defined "enemy" force to unify the player characters. You make friends a lot faster and a lot less formally when your life is in danger if you don't.
  • The locking-up of several players due to slow or nonexistent posting on the part of their counterparts.
  • A combination, or perhaps even all, of the above.
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