Tazaromer Namronemer

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Name: Tazaromer Namronemer. Yes, his parents were crazy. Age: 30 Gender: M

Appearance: You know, I don't want to make up an appearance right now. He has brown hair and blue eyes and he's kinda tallish and kinda thinnish. There you go. Also he wears geeky T-shirts.

Backstory: He went to college. There he heard about the Tchotchkies (sp?). He thought they were cool and decided to look for them instead of actually, you know, getting a job or something. Lucky for him his parents are semi-celebrities(that's why they named him so crazy) and they lurv him and give him enough money to live on fairly well.

O_o: Yes, that's a section. Anycase, those Plot Gods didn't like the fact that his quest might be too easy, plus he was annoying, so they cursed him. Now, anytime he says more than three words at once*, he is set upon by some complication. The more he says, the worse it is likely to be. Luckily for him, he also seems to have some sort of time-freezing-super-thought ((That is, he's semi-meta and can review his posts before posting)) so that only really happens when he forgets, or just really wants to say long sentences. Also, because of this, he often uses big words.

  • defined as "in a sentence". Also, hyphenated-words-like-this count as one word, but only if there are logical-hyphens. But he can-still-add hyphens where there-might-not-be-any usually.
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