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Name: Rinaeleth (Rin-ey-leth) Apparent Age: 16-17. Actual Age: 1764 Domains: Chaos, the moon, and… hugs? Naaaaah. And cats. Gender: Female Hair: Shiny black fur and long flowing hair the colour of moonbeams down to her knees Eyes: Deep hazel with slitted pupils Build: A bit short (160cm), a bit wide in the hips and heavy-chested Player: vampiress_kat Other Appearance: Well... She's a catgirl. An anthrofeline (so she's covered in fur and has semi-catlike facial features). Proper Godly Wear is a long, dark blue dress. Casual dress is jeans and a t-shirt.


Despite her powers and domain, she's actually got morals. She's shy with new people, but seems to talk forever when you get her to open her mouth. She always likes to do things herself rather than asking for assistance, and tries to help others. She's also pretty shy about asking for other people to do her favours. She's very protective of anyone she gets close to. And she loves randomness and chaos and humour. A good joke is never wasted on her. She's also a bit of a nerd (which may be where the shyness came from), especially in technology and maths. She likes to draw a bit, too. And she loves hugs. She's also addicted to sugar, particularly chocolate, and caffeine. She is generally hyperactive and cheerful, but has low self-confidence, especially about her looks and her abilities. She's also a bit paranoid, and since the powers she has aren't good for attack or defense, she took some self-defense classes when she was younger. She got quite good at it. It probably wouldn't work on a god with super strength, but for those who just tried to hit her or use weapons against her, this was useful. Rinaeleth really likes mortal works. And, since they're gods, they exist out of mortal time, and hence can quote anything from any period of time. How can this coexist with The Game? It just does.


Causing chaos by influencing people. Influencing the tides (both water tides and emotional tides). Controlling/possessing cats. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere and hugging people (also known as being a hug-ninja; this ability isn't actually godly - just something strange she can do). Generally messing with people.

Thought insertion This is less 'thoughts' and more 'mind-messages'. Like a sort of hint. This has laws, though. (Laws here meaning stuff like the law of gravity. You can't go against it.) You can't put messages that are not to some degree within the person's personality. Well, you can, but it'll be 'rejected' by the other person's mind. Example 1. The message 'Let's blow up a coliseum' would get instantly rejected and dismissed by any person's mind except someone violently insane. Example 2. The message 'Jane is pretty' has reasonable chance of being accepted. It wouldn't work on someone who has already decided that Jane is not pretty, on someone who views everyone of Jane's species/facial type/body type/whatever to be not pretty, or on someone who has no concept of physical beauty.

Think of it as looking at clouds - if someone says, "That cloud looks like a bunny" you'll likely say "Oh yeah" and see it. However, if someone says they see "a kamikaze horse wielding a machete while riding a rocket" you'll likely completely reject the idea, as well wonder what the hell they're smoking.

Though Amplification Thoughts of a person can be enhanced or amplified. However, my character cannot do this to a large degree. (With training, maybe, but not now.) It can be thought of as stages. For example, for irritation:

Mildly annoyed -> Irritated -> Very irritated -> Hateful -> Angry -> Furious

If a person is at one stage, they could be moved one or two stages forward. However, the more stages, the harder it gets, the more energy it uses up, and the more likely that the mind will 'reject' it. If she tries to amplify too much, it will result in a snap-back that will get rid of the emotion completely (as in, 'Why I am I feeling so angry/happy/sad/whatever about this anyway?') Also, inserted thoughts (whether by Rinaeleth or someone else) cannot be amplified. However, thoughts resulting from the inserted ones can, although it would be harder than 'original' thoughts. The further away from the inserted thought, the easier it gets. Like this:

Inserted though -> Thought A -> Thought B -> Thought C ...

Thought B would be easier to amplify than Thought A, Thought C would be easier to amplify than Thought B, and so on.

Similar rules apply to Feeling/Desire Insertion/Amplification. You can't make a tomboy want a pink frilly dress, and you can't make someone who is friends with someone else suddenly hate them. For the latter, enhancing the friendship to a crush can sometimes be possible, but not always, and probably not often.


Mortal age equivalent shown where known. Mother - Pearelaph (Pea-ray-laf) , Goddess of Chaos and Knowledge Father - Lathern, God of Portals and Space (meaning areas, room, that sort of thing, not outer space) Younger sister - Aleece, Goddess of Order and the Sun, equivalent of mortal age 7. Aunt (mother's older sister) - Bast, Goddess of Protection, Sun and War Uncle (father's younger brother) - Eegree, God of Jokes and Tricks Aunt (wife of above) - Jayla, Goddess of Seriousness and Wisdom Cousins - Zee, Goddess of Sweets (as in, stuff with sugar in it, so chocolate and ice-cream and stuff count too), Excitement and Beauty, equivalent of mortal age 25 Danearis, God of Innocence and Calm, equivalent of mortal age 15.

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