MFPC Piebunny

From Egs Mayhem

Unlike his undead female counterpart from KeenFans RP 2.01, the version of Piebunny appearing in The Massive Flaming Plane Crash Thread is alive and kicking, and male. He was one of the passengers on the ill-fated El Cheapo Airlines Flight 13, and escaped the demonically-possessed plane with the help of pop culture, shrink soda, a T-shirt, his amazing transmutation of liquids and a good old-fashioned dose of hydrochloric acid. He now resides on The Island along with Cameo, Ciennas, Lia, Burningblood, assorted crew of The Giant Spaceship Thing O' Doomness and assorted strange flora.
He has orange hair and no eyebrows, due to certain events.
He is one of only four people in existence who knows the recipe to Bloody Hot Sauce.
He is currently on the mission to liberate TMA with the Bunny Berets.

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