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This is the character played by Piebunny in the KeenFans RP 2.01.

Keenfans Piebunny.


Character Bio

Name: Piebunny
Gender: Male. Well, supposed to be. Now female, and thusly for all eternity.
Species: Human
Build: Average
Height: About 170cm
Hair: Sort of chestnut brown
Skin tone: Caucasian, slightly tanned
Eyes: Hazel-ish
Other Interesting Anatomical Oddities: A pair of fluffy angel wings and a halo
Occupation: Grim Reaper of sector Pi-Iota-Sigma sub-sector Beta-Upsilon-Nu-Nu-Psi
Clothing: Generally prefers simpler clothing, though has a tendency to wear stuff louder than a Slipknot concert. Owns a pair of boardshorts that can melt the eyeballs out of one's head. Currently dressed in a purple bikini and a sarong. What sarong? Nothing, what'sa wrong with you?
General Personality: Kind of a cheapskate. Enjoys making awful puns and playing Weird Al music. Actually celebrates Weasel Stomping Day. Also, a bit of a fruitcake. Any similarities with OzLionHeart's bio are purely coincidental.
Physical abilities: Really nothing special in the physical department. However, she can transmute any liquid into any other liquid.
Currently dead. Sorry, undead. And actually quite liking the wings and halo.


Piebunny entered the RP with Ed Bunny and a female <Piebunny>, who turned male upon completion of GBP. This male <Piebunny> was subsequently turned back to female after an incident with an EMP and a pair of garish boardshorts, and then perished in a fiery explosion caused by Drayco.

At the Pearly Gates, Jesse sent her back as a Grim Reaper, and the Artmoogle gave her her scythe. The rest is history.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Grim Reaper, she can facilitate people's demises, see ghosts, and zap people with her scythe, the latter she tends to do when pissed off, annoyed, or bored.
Also, she is completely immune to transformation.

Other Useful Tidbits

  • She has a cool ruby-lasery scythe which she can summon via a flashy summoning sequence. Or not via a flashy summoning sequence.
  • Piebunny is kicking himself for referencing Slipknot on this page.
  • A version of her was transformed into Kelly Felicia Parker-Benson for Wingies.
  • She had a state-of-the-art jet-black Mobile Phone of Death for dispatches. It was originally a pager, and has since become a Tablet PC. It is composed of nanobots which rearrange themselves into new forms when upgrades become available.
  • She has a cousin, called Taxes.
  • She despises Necromancers, for obvious reasons.
  • She is becoming more ubiquitous, appearing in Waffle House #4741 and Kylen's Interdimensional Bar as well as Keenfans 2.01. She does, however, remain entirely separate from Piebunny's forum persona.
  • She is one of only three people to possess the recipe for Bloody Hot Sauce.
  • Outside of Keenfans, she is more commonly called PB or KFPB.
  • She has recently surfaced in Mossy Knoll. Which will no doubt be interesting, especially since Mossy Knoll has its own resident Reaper(s).
  • She is currently in the medical bay of Fort Mayhem, awaiting orders.
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