Galveston Class

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The Galveston class cruiser is a type of capital ship operated by the EGSDF Space Navy. It is the primary FTL-capable patrol and escort craft in use by the EGS Defense Force.



The Galveston class cruiser was developed alongside the Amon Star Class. While the Star class battleships were intended to be the flagships of the fleet, literally and figuratively, the Galveston class cruiser was developed to be the mainstay. Its development project was much less ambitious, leaving out many of the advancements made in the Star class in favor of tried-and-true methods. As a result, the Galveston class was actually completed before the Amon Star class, making it the first capital ship in service with the EGSDF.


The Galveston class cruiser is a much more traditional warship than the Amon Star Class battleship; forgoing the large ops center, modular payload system, and oversized warp drive. The armament, shield coverage, and electronics were also scaled back from the Amon Star class. Despite these compromises, the Galveston class cruiser is still a formidable warship.


  • 12 heavy beam cannons, arranged in 6 double turrets.
  • 20 medium beam cannons, arranged in 10 double turrets.
  • 20 vertical launch system tubes.
  • Various point defense batteries.

Sublight Propulsion

  • Gravitic Drive, maximum acceleration: 2500G
  • Plasma Thrusters, maximum acceleration: 14G
  • Reaction control system

Superluminal Propulsion

  • Spacewarp drive, maximum velocity: 11,000,000C
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