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Fleet Admiral James Redstone is the current Chief of Naval Operations, and the highest ranking officer within the EGSDF Space Navy. As CNO, Redstone is in charge of all Naval operations, and reports directly to the Commander-in-Chief of the EGS Defense Force.

Physical Description

Age: 28 years
Height: 5'9"
Build: Athletic; he keeps in good shape, but not as much as front-line soldiers would.
Hair Color: Light Brown, kept in a short, professional cut.
Eye Color: Green

IC Character History

Admiral Redstone started out as a relatively unknown mercenary before the Crossover Wars. With the rapid militarization during the 'Wars, Redstone was catapulted to a high rank at a very young age, being appointed official Liaison to the Terran fleet at the age of 26, and making Fleet Admiral months later. Early in his career, Redstone kept to his mercenary roots, donning powered armor and leading from the front. However, after his death aboard the Oriskany and subsequent RESPAWN, Redstone has taken his position as Admiral more seriously, staying in a command position and building the Navy up to where external aid is no longer required. During the current police action against the MPLF and other subversive elements within Mayhem, Admiral Redstone has taken a more direct approach than other members of the DF, meeting force with force in order to maintain order. Most recently, Redstone and most of the Navy have been away from Mayhem for reasons unknown, only returning after the destruction of the Fort. At present, he is in command of the 94-ship Reclamation Force, a rebellious faction of the EGS-DF seeking to overthrow the 'corrupt leadership' of the DF, and is opposed by the 36-ship Loyalist Fleet, the 50-ship Battle Group Indigo of the GUDF Navy, and the rest of the EGS-DF.

A Note on the Name

Fleet Admiral Redstone was originally Fleet Admiral Jstone, since he started out as a blatant self-insert. However, the Admiral has grown into a character in his own right and Jstone, upon his return to Mayhem, decided to rename him. This renaming is a complete retcon, and as such applies all the way back to Invasion Alert. Just imagine that the name is different in all those posts and comics.

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