Ellen(Tedd/Tess Forces)

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This page is for LittleBeast's character for Tedd Forces.


  • Name(counterpart, if any): Ellen (Elliot)
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: F
  • General appearance: Same as Ellen from the comic. Le duh. Oh and she's as much of a black-shirt fan as Elliot.
  • Background: Ellen was the original in this universe. But she basically was about- not completely, but about- the same as Comic-Elliot. However, when the DD incident occurred, they found out about the side effects before the time limit ran out, and they had Tedd's TF gun with them, so both versions got zapped with all the standard forms, minus the dog and mouse and plus otter, as well as v5 and v1 of both genders, and can therefore transform into all of them. However, the Dunkels were rather less financially stable in this 'verse, so Elliot got sent to some other safehouse. He was pretty pissed.
  • Special abilities: Can transform into cat, hedgehog, chipmunk, raccoon, Jeremy, fox, squirrel, otter, Mv5, Fv5, and Fv1 forms. Also has the anime martial arts.
  • Equipment: Um. Dunno yet.
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