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Cipher is the code name given to the Cyanide operatives Dale and Ciennas during the course of the events in the MGS RP. Dale and Ciennas are the exact same person, however, Ciennas was created when Dale's Central Nervous System was tampered with to give him direct control of any computer system.

Dale manages the physical and mundane world, although occasionally he finds himelf in a postion to SynchroHack, where he logs himself into the virtual world through a device called a Synchrobox and goes on to cause mayhem and panic on communications. He has brown hair and an average/slim build.

Ciennas, by contrast, is Dale without so many inhibitions. He is the better of the two in SynchroHacking, although this is only because he lives in the virtual world. He has white hair and shining eyes, with a build and structure almost identical to Dale's, although he is even slimmer ("streamlined", he calls it).

Both are aware of the other's existence, and often hold conversations with each other. However, unless they've linked into an object with speakers at the very least, you can usually only hear half of the conversation.

Rumor has it that understanding these conversations when Ciennas isn't linked to something with a speaker is the first true signs of encroaching madness...

You'll fit right in.

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