Amethyst Rodriguez

From Egs Mayhem

Note: This is copied and pasted directly from the post in the Active Characters Thread. I shall edit this later. KTHXBAI! IceTigerLily

Name: Amethyst Rodriguez

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Looks: Amethyst has dark-red hair and sky blue eyes. She is fairly tall, nearing 6 feet. She usually wears jeans and a brown sweater.

Personality: Casual and laid back, Amethyst doesn't feel a need to rush into any situation. She can appear distant and moody at times, but it will only happen because she has a lot on her mind. If she needs to fight, which I hope doesn't need to happen, she will use her own two hands in combat.

Oh, and she has a Texan accent for some reason!

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