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Peter Duncan

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Duncan under the control of XANA.

Peter Duncan was a local criminal seen in the episode Common Interest. Accused of art theft and other various crimes, Duncan was caught prior to the beginning of the episode. While being carried by a police transport, a spectre possessed him and made him XANA's means of replacing the uranium power source of the supercomputer. Duncan, infused with XANA's strength, overpowered the guards and escaped into the woods. As he worked his way to the nearby nuclear power plant, he occasionally passed out as the supercomputer's power source was depleting. Duncan then stopped a transport near the power plant and stole a uranium rod. From there, he kidnapped Jeremie at the hospital, and forced him to replace the uranium rod of the supercomputer. When Jeremie replaced the power source, Duncan attacked him. With the tower deactivated, Peter Duncan passed out and Team Lyoko quietly dropped him off at the police station.

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