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Mr. and Mrs. Della Robbia

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Mr. and Mrs. Della Robbia.

Mr. and Mrs. Della Robbia are Odd's parents. According to him, they never find any fault in anything he does. They seem fairly young. They always talk very fondly about their son, which he finds annoying and wishes that they would fight about something so he would feel like a normal teen. They were possessed by XANA in Bad Connection and they nearly pushed him off the roof of Kadic. A Time Reversion undid this and the second time around Odd was more apreciative of his parents.


  • Despite Odd being very short, his parents are quite tall.
  • A lot of people believe that even though Odd's parents are artists, Odd's father is or was a combat general in the French Army. This can be hinted at when he says "About face" in several episodes.
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