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Michael Reilley

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Michael Reilley in Swarming Attack

Michael Reilley is the janitor and groundskeeper at Kadic. He is mainly a background character and appears in various episodes including Swarming Attack, Attack of the Zombies and Canine Conundrum. In Sabotage he was possessed by XANA and sabotaged the Supercomputer causing major glitches and bugs on Lyoko, and if the problem wasn't taken care of right away the supercomputer could collapse.


As the custodian of Kadic, Michael's job includes keeping the school and grounds clear. He lives in the school's gatehouse and usually deals with any late night visitors as seen in Attack of the Zombies. Aelita also believes that Michael thinks that she is crazy as she has to dig up all of her possessions that Kiwi buries when Odd takes him out. Michael was also saved by Jeremie and Odd in Swarming Attack when the swarm of hornets attacked him.


  • In Season 1, the first half at least, Michael's name was Mr. Bennett.
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