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Matthew Geczy

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This article concerns the voice actor. For the character, see Matt.

A picture of Matt.

Matthew Geczy (called Matt for short by co-actors and fans) was born August 23, 1964 in the state of Georgia and is an American movie, television, and voice actor currently living in Paris, France. He is best known as the voice of Odd Della Robbia and Nicholas on the world-famous French animated television series Code Lyoko. He is the youngest of five children (Mary Jo, George, Michael, Andrew and himself) and is the son of retired US Army Colonel George Géczy II and an abstract painter, Evangeline Géczy.

Raised on several US Army Bases, Matthew was offered a scholarship at New York University, but decided to decline it for a year with the intention of backpacking around Europe - he got as far as Paris, where he fell in love with the city and decided to stay.

Matthew's eldest brother, George Geczy III, followed his father into the military and currently holds the rank of Lt. Colonel.

He replaced Christophe Caballero as the voice actor for Odd permenently after the fourth episode.


  • It is revealed in Lyoko: Decoded that his favorite episode is Killer Music because of Odd's "pop rock revolution" line with Odd's CD player, and the fact that after he gets "frozen" everyone is worried about him for the whole episode. He even mock-complained about the length of the interview in Nick's voice, and Sissi started to have an infatuation for him.
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