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Mathias Burel

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Him at Kadic

Mathias Burel is a student in the 9th grade. His only main appearance was in XANA's Kiss, when the XANA-Yumi kissed him. This called attention to William, who then passed it on to Ulrich and the others. Other times he appeared was in Music Soothes the Savage Beast selling "Aerosmooth" tickets and Fight to the Finish talking to William. Mathias has short black hair and glasses. He wears orange, blue, and green. As revealed in XANA's Kiss, it seemed that he doesn't have the habit of brushing his teeth daily at morning as he said "I sure am glad that I brush my teeth this morning." as XANA-Yumi kissed him. Most other things are unknown about him.

In Missing Link, when Sissi is disguised as Yumi, he finds out and starts calling her Elisabeth, which angers her and slaps him, causing his glasses fly.

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