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Episode No. 44
Production No.
Air Date October 24th, 2005
Sector Ice Barrier
XANA attack method Possession of a pack of wolves.

Vertigo is the forty-fourth episode of Code Lyoko. It aired on October 24, 2005.


The episode starts out in Sector 5. The transport orb flies in and drops off the whole gang. After a short wait, the door opens and the three-minute timer starts up. On their way to the switch, three Creepers arrive to cause trouble. Jeremie locates the switch and sends Odd to hit it due to its location on the wall. Odd is hit a couple times on his way up as Ulrich and Yumi deal with the Creepers. Yumi knocks out two of them with Ulrich's help. The third chases Odd down and delivers a kill shot just as he's about to hit the switch. Luckily for the others, his hand reaches the switch before he devirtualizes completely.

After a short elevator ride, the others arrive at the access panel. Aelita gets to work while the others stand guard. As always, Mantas hatch to impede their progress. They hatch on the wrong side of the region, however, giving the others some breathing time. This time is cut short by the arrival of the last Creeper. It devirtualizes Yumi as Aelita finishes her work on the panel. Ulrich destroys it and Jeremie sends the Overbike so they can escape. During their escape, the Mantas show off a new trick. It seems they have the ability to drop mines from a hold on their underbellies. None of these mines manage to hit Aelita or Ulrich.

Back on Earth, Jeremie gets to work with the data Aelita retrieved. Aelita stays with him to help. He says that it contains virus code that might help cure Aelita. Odd mentions that there's a climbing contest. Ulrich doesn't want to go, but won't say why. Yumi manages to convince him to come, but not before making a quip about how Odd found a sport where being scrawny is a plus.

At the gym, Odd is racing Herb to the top of the climbing wall. Odd easily wins the contest since Herb falls halfway up. Ulrich is up next, but still refuses to go. Even a challenge by William won't move him. Yumi's encouragement does the trick. While climbing, the scene from Ulrich's point of view suggests a fear of heights. William is far ahead of him, teasing him with comments about how he's Spider-man. Ulrich ends up falling. Sure enough, it turns out he has vertigo. He won't directly admit it, but his silence speaks volumes. He leaves the gym to go sulk. Yumi tries to follow, but Odd suggests that she let him get over his loss.

At the factory, Jeremie's analysis reveals that he's found the antivirus. Both Aelita and Jeremie are understandably excited about the discovery. Jeremie is somewhat reluctant to apply the antivirus immediately, but Aelita convinces him to do it. During the process, some problem forces Jeremie to go to the scanner room and force the doors open. Aelita seems fine despite the problem. They head off to tell the others.

At the school, Odd and Yumi have no luck finding Ulrich. Aelita and Jeremie arrive and give them the good news. Yumi thinks that they should find Ulrich before shutting XANA down. When informed of what happened, Jeremie knows exactly where to find Ulrich. Odd and Yumi head there. In the forest, Ulrich is sitting by a tree breaking sticks in half. He hears some rustling which turns out to be Odd and Yumi. He's gotten over his loss by now. More rustling reveals a pack of wolves. They're the same ones from Aelita's visions. The group is forced to run.

While waiting for them in Jeremie's room, Aelita starts having a headache. She insists that it's nothing, but Jeremie doesn't seem convinced. She heads back to her room to lie down. On the way, her hands begin to disappear. Sissi shows up and starts going on about how Aelita will never get a date with the way she dresses. All the while, more and more of Aelita disappears. By the end of Sissi's speech, she's gone completely. Jeremie finds an activated tower around the same time. The door to his room opens without anyone to do so. Aelita is heard talking, but can't be seen. Jeremie searches randomly through thin air for her. He finds her, but her exclamation at him doing so suggests he didn't do so in the best way. He calls the others on the way to the factory, but only gets Yumi's voicemail.

Back in the woods, the group is forced to climb a small cliff. Odd and Yumi make it up fine, but Ulrich doesn't fare as well. One of the wolves grabs his shoe. Ulrich is able to kick the wolf off. Odd and Yumi continue to encourage him. He eventually makes it near the top, but loses his footing. Yumi catches him and drags him the rest of the way up. They're now able to get a hold of Jeremie. Since the wolves have them trapped, they can't help.

At the factory, Aelita is forced to go to Lyoko alone. She is visible on Lyoko, and happy to be so. Jeremie gives her the Overwing to take to the tower. The trip is uneventful, since not one monster attempts to stop her. The reasoning for this is made clear when she reaches the tower. The tower is inside a cave at the base of a river. Several stepping stones are on the water to provide a path. When Aelita tries to enter it, she bangs her head on the surface. It seems the antivirus has made it so the tower doesn't recognize her.

Aelita freezing the Scyphozoa.

In the woods, more wolves manage to corner the group at the top of the cliff. A punch from Ulrich reveals that they're illusions. They shake them off easily, but Ulrich gets to close to the edge and falls. The trees along the way slow him enough to prevent injury. They continue to wave away the illusions until only three wolves are left. These three are quite real. Jeremie calls and tells them about Aelita. Ulrich stays to distract the wolves while Odd and Yumi head to the factory.

On Lyoko, the Scyphozoa arrives to get Aelita. She isn't quite so frightened this time, and freezes the overgrown jellyfish in an ice pillar. Oddly enough, she uses her power a second time to make a new bridge since the pillar is blocking the old one. Two Hornets arrive to keep her trapped. Odd and Yumi arrive and head for the tower. A Megatank drops by to stop them. It manages to take out Yumi's Overwing and subsequently Yumi herself. Odd dodges several shots from it and crashes his Overboard directly into its eye. Needless to say, neither vehicle nor monster survive. Odd continues his trip to the tower.

The Scyphozoa breaks free from the ice.

In the woods, Ulrich has managed to stay a step ahead of the wolves. He heads for the factory with them hot on his heels. He calls Jeremie as he arrives, but their conversation is cut short when the wolves tackle him. Jeremie can see both Ulrich and the wolves on the screen thanks to the cameras.

Back at the cave, the Scyphozoa cuts itself free and grabs Aelita. Odd arrives at the scene, but can't get by the Hornet guards. Since they aren't paying attention, he decides to swim into the cave to avoid them. He pops up directly under the Scyphozoa and chases it off. Aelita heads for tower. The Hornets come by to stop her, but give up when she gets inside.

Ulrich is tired from fighting the wolves and tries to climb down the rope. He makes it about halfway down before falling. Yumi wants to help when the wolves surround him, but Jeremie assures her that the tower is nearly deactivated. Aelita shuts it off just as the wolves start tugging on Ulrich's limbs. Jeremie activates a return trip since Ulrich doesn't seem in the best of shape.

At the gym again, Ulrich openly admits he has vertigo when William challenges him. He also happens to know of William's fear of spiders. It seems Sissi found out somehow and told him. William is annoyed by it, obviously. As the group leaves the gym, Odd questions Aelita on what being invisible is like. He says he always wondered what it would be like and even mentions Sue (Invisible Woman) from the Fantastic Four. The episode ends on that.


  • When Aelita freezes the Scyphozoa, it faces the tower, but when Aelita jumps on the ice, the Scyphozoa is faceing the other way.


  • In this episode the viewers learn that Ulrich has vertigo and that William has a fear of spiders.

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