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Can I be an admin? Watermaniac 17:27, 21 November 2006 (EST)

Greetings, I'd talk to KFan myself but Roman boy keeps deleting anything I post there. I wish to assist you guys in fighting the vandals here. I know I just now created an account, but I've been visiting this site for a long time, and I wish to protect it now that it is under attack. I have experience dealing with vandals in yahoo groups. I'm doing what I can to fight as a normal user (repairing damage etc.), but I'd like to talk with KFan or one of the other Admins somewhere away from the prying eyes of vandals, but we'll have to work something out because I'm not stupid enough to post my contact info here (god knows what they'd do if they got ahold of my email or sn); I've got an idea but I'll wait for a response before I play my hand. Hopefully you'll get this message before "the roman empire" finds it.

I'll be in touch


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