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Ulrich Stern/Quotes

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Quotes by Ulrich, the calm, stubborn and proud Lyoko Samurai.

Quotes by Ulrich

  • "Yumi and I are just good friends and thats all!"" - Ulrich to many people about Yumi
  • "Make my day, shrimp." - Ulrich to a materialized Krab in A Bad Turn
  • "Don't worry princess, we'll get you out of here" - Ulrich to Aelita in New Order
  • "It is not very nice to attack people from behind" - Ulrich to William in Final Round.
  • "I'm doing my best, Jeremie. Obviously my best isn't good enough" - Ulrich to Jeremie in William Returns
  • "I'm gonna knock your block off, you dumb blockhead!" - Ulrich to a block in Mister Puck
  • "Your two knights in armor have come to protect you" Ulrich to Aelita in Plagued
  • "Okay, Yumi, there's something I have to tell you. No, that doesn't sound right. Um,Yumi, there's something serious you and I have to talk about. No, she'll freak out if I say that. Yumi, you and I have to... Yumi!"-Ulrich to himself in New Order before being interrupted by Yumi.
  • "Yuck, I forgot how ugly it looks" - Ulrich about the Scyphozoa in Wrong Exposure
  • "One more of your stupid proverbs and you're dead" - Ulrich to Odd in The Key
  • Conversation between Ulrich's father and Ulrich in Distant Memory:
    • Ulrich's father: "I see you're still hanging out with that gang of good-for-nothings"
    • Ulrich: "And I see you forgot your happy pill today"
  • "Sissi dear, under normal circumstances I would take the time to tell you to go fly a kite, but this time I'll be less polite and just ignore you." - Ulrich to Sissi in Routine
  • "Everyone knows that speeding is really dangerous." - Ulrich to William in Replika
  • "Better face facts, William, your not going to win this time." - Ulrich to William in Replika
  • "Krabs might just become my favorite dish." - Ulrich To Yumi in Wrong Exposure
  • "You made a music video?" - Ulrich to Odd in Code: Earth
  • "I...uhh...Have to go polish my flipflops" Ulrich to Sissi in Final Mix
  • "I like being a Hero" - Ulrich to Odd in Echoes

Quotes About Ulrich

  • "He's off sulking somewhere" - Yumi about Ulrich in Vertigo
  • "I don't know if I can even consider him as a friend anymore!" - Yumi about Ulrich in Cold Sweat
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