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The MoonScoop Group is the company that aided France 3 in making the season 2,3,and 4 of Code Lyoko after Antefilms was fired by the creators for "not bringing out the full potential of the show". As a result, the animation in Code Lyoko became far more detailed. Sector graphics were improved such as the Mountain Sector and the Forest Sector are much brighter, new monsters were added, and the dialogue was fixed after translation.

English version of the logo

Moonscoop/Antefilms Differences

List of MoonScoop shows

(Note: As Moonscoop was the result of a merger between Antefilms and France Animation, this list consists of programming from both catalogs.)

  • Air Academy
  • Albert le 5ème Mousquetaire
  • Alfred
  • Aquakids
  • Arsène Lupin
  • Au Coeur des Toiles
  • The Babaloos On Vacation
  • The Babaloos
  • The Birds (television series)
  • C.L.Y.D.E.
  • Chip et Charly
  • Code Lyoko
  • The Christmas Pirates
  • Cybergirl
  • Dr. Dog
  • En Attendant Noël
  • Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes (French: Les Quatres Fantastiques)
  • Fred des Cavernes
  • Funky Cops
  • Garage Kids (Pilot of Code Lyoko)
  • Growing Up Creepie
  • Horace et Tina
  • Insectoscope
  • Invisible Man (television series)
  • The Legend of White Fang
  • Les Mondes Engloutis (Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea)
  • Little Vampire
  • Mr Roger
  • Night Hood
  • Nobeard The Pirate
  • Nothing But Monsters
  • Patrol 03
  • Pet Alien (French: Alién Bazaar)
  • Quick & Flupke
  • Robinson Sucroe
  • The Smoggies
  • Titeuf (Tootuff)
  • Urmel
  • Vampires, Pirates and Aliens
  • Waiting For Christmas
  • Wheel Squad

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