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User:Sector X

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User:Sector X is a Supercomputer.

Sector X is in charge of Page Quality control.

User:Sector X is a member of the Security Council.

norway.png Sector X is from Norway.

nosmoke.png Sector X does not smoke.

Sector X loves the Overbike.

Sector X supports UlrichxYumi.

Sector X hates UlrichxSissi.

Sector X is an Aelita Fan.

Sector X loves Aelita's Energy Field.

Sector X supports JeremiexAelita.

Sector X thinks Jeremie should be seen on Lyoko.

Sector X hates WilliamxYumi.

yumi4.png Sector X thinks Yumi's Season 4 Lyoko Outfit was the best.

Sector X loves the Zweihander.

Sector X doesn't think William is evil and is annoyed when people say he is.

Sector X thinks William's Season 3 Lyoko Outfit was the best!

Sector X thinks William's Season 4 Earth Outfit was the best!

Sector X is a Megatank Fan.

Sector X is a Shark Fan.

Sector X is a Kolossus fan.

Sector X hates Zombies.

Sector X is glad XANA is dead.

Sector X thinks Franz Hopper is Genius!

Sector X thinks Franz Hopper is gone for good.

I first discovered Code Lyoko in September 2005 when the biggest TV-channel in Norway (NRK) began airing the show. I instantly fell in love with it and have seen every episode ever made. But since NRK stopped airing Code Lyoko from the end of season 2, YouTube and Tech Links (Back when Tech Links had episode downloads) have been my rescue. I discovered this wiki when browsing through the list of fan made websites on When I saw it, I thought: "Wow, finally a place for me to show of my knowledge on Code Lyoko." So I joined at the end of the second generation era.

Early in 2010, I began a long period of inactivity. Code Lyoko was over, and so was my time on Code: WIKI it seemed. But then came Code Lyoko Evolution, and everything changed. In January 2013 I returned to the wiki once again.


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  • Position: Co-Supercomputer

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4 vandal attacks.

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