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The Kalamar's drill at work.

The Kalamar is one of the new monsters in the fourth season of Code Lyoko. It has an oval black/grey body with four long legs sticking out of it. The Eye of XANA is located in the middle of The Kalamar's body. Its movements mimic that of a squid.


  • The Kalamar is the second largest monster in existence, exceeded only by the Kolossus.
  • Unlike other monsters, the Kalamar's primary weapons aren't lasers. Instead, its enormous legs hold the target still while it uses the drill on its underside to attack.
  • The Kalamar's fighting style is similar to the Scyphozoa's; waiting for its target to be isolated by other monsters and then attacking.
  • The Kalamar is the only one of XANA's monsters to only appear once in the series.

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