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"This Article is about Insekts the in-game monsters, you may be looking for the Comic."

Monster Concept Art.

Insekts are one of XANA's monsters who have only made appearances in the games Code Lyoko DS: Fall of X.A.N.A. and Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity. Insekts look like hornets except for being bigger, stronger and having black shells. In the DS game, they appear to reside mainly in the Forest Sector. Their main weapons are exploding mines similar to those of a Manta except that they do not require contact to explode and they also don't home on targets. The Mines simply are targeted to your position, and shot there. Most of the time, one is able to evade the mines, which causes them to fall on the ground and explode in a matter of seconds, this however becomes harder to do when there are several Inskets throwing mines at you at the same time.

Another reference to the fact that they originate in the Forest sector, is that the boss of the Forest Translation bore a striking resemblance to the Insekts. Other than that, they are also seen in other sectors such as the Desert sector. Like most other monsters, to destroy them, one must target the Xana symbol on it; though it doesn't blow up from the first impact, the first hit causes it to fall to the ground, and the second hit destroys it.

While flying, the monster is unreachable with Ulrich's Sabers, it can only be shot down by Odd, Yumi, or Aelita's weapons(because of their long range nature); once on the ground level, Ulrich (and the others) can destroy it face-to-face.

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