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XANA Awakens Part 2

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XANA Awakens Part 2
Episode No. Prequel Part 2
Production No. 302
Air Date October 3, 2006
Sector Forest, Ice Barrier
XANA attack method Creating an electric monster.

XANA Awakens is a prequel for Code: LYOKO which aired on October 2, 2006, and October 3, 2006. They were the first two episodes of Season 3 and were split into two parts: XANA Awakens Part 1 and XANA Awakens Part 2.


After their short adventure in Lyoko, Sissi, Ulrich, and Odd are in the cafeteria. Odd, having liked his hairstyle in Lyoko, has repeated it in the real world. Jeremie is still trying to materialize Maya, and thinks that the red tower is the key. Odd and Ulrich still have reservations, both from the danger the supercomputer poses and their quick defeat at the hands of the monsters. Sissi's reluctance to assist them is also a factor, but she insists she'll do so after cheerleading practice. The four then part ways for the moment. Sissi asks if Ulrich will watch her cheerleading tryouts, but he tells her that he has something more important to do. Meanwhile, on Lyoko, pulsations begin appearing on the ground and lead to the red tower. In the gym, Ulrich has showed up for a rematch with Yumi. He tells her that he didn't like ending things on a sour note. The two begin sparring, and seem evenly matched. At the same time, Sissi leaves her room for tryouts. A ball of electricity emerges from an electrical socket as she does. Maya apparently senses the pulsations from the red tower, as she gets up at about the same time. At the cheerleading tryouts, Sissi does a somewhat erratic performance ending in her tossing her baton too high for her to catch. It lands on Jim's head, instead, and he berates her for the performance. The only two people who clap are Herb Pichon and Nicholas Poliakoff. On Lyoko, Maya decides to investigate what she sensed earlier, and begins to follow the pulsations. Meanwhile, Ulrich and Yumi seem to have fought each other to a standstill. Ulrich compliments Yumi on her skills, asking if she's been training for long. She confirms this. Ulrich then gives his name, then tries to remember Yumi's, mispronouncing it "Yuri". She trips him for the error and corrects it. Back on Lyoko, Maya finds herself being chased by monsters once more after travelling to a Mountain sector. At the dorms, Hervé and Nicolas end up following Sissi back to her room, claiming to have made a fan club in her honor (consisting of only them). She merely tells them to leave, threatening to tell her father that they tried to break into her room. After she closes the door, the electricity orb that appeared earlier attacks her. Hervé and Nicolas burst in the room just before it departs, and take Sissi to the infirmary. In the library, Jeremie tells Odd about a program he dicovered in the supercomputer called "Return to the Past". Odd isn't listening, instead focusing on his electro-chemistry report. He asks Jeremie for help, calling him Einstein. When Jeremie asks if he's going to keep using that nickname, Odd merely replies "Why not?" Dismissing it, Jeremie gives an explanation about what Odd is working on. Odd wonders if he just has to write that, which Jeremie corrects by telling him that he'll need to add examples, too. Behind them, two students mention Sissi's electrocution, which Jeremie and Odd immediately find suspicious. Back at the gym, Ulrich and Yumi are still sparring. Ulrich gets the upper hand this time, flipping her onto her back and reversing their positions from their first match. Both blush again and separate, then agree to call it a tie. Ulrich notes that he has to go, since his friends are probably wondering where he is. Yumi admits she has no friends. Before either can go anywhere, however, the electricity orb appears once again to attack them. They manage to escape into the boiler room. As this happens, Jeremie and Odd arrive at the infirmary, overhearing Nicolas' story about an electricity monster. Jeremie calls Ulrich to tell him about the attack, which he has already witnessed firsthand. Ulrich does not bother to be subtle about the conversation, despite the fact that Yumi's nearby. Intrigued, Yumi forces Ulrich to explain. She has no friends, and therefore lots of free time, so Ulrich has little say in the matter. He decides to explain the situation to her on the way to the factory. On Lyoko, Maya continues her attempts to evade the monsters chasing her. However, for each set of monsters she evades, more just arrive to replace them. As she runs, Jeremie, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi arrive at the factory. The electricity orb is following them, but it's a fair distance from the factory. Yumi, like everyone else thus far, has trouble believing the story about the factory, but is goaded into going to Lyoko by Ulrich. Yumi ends up in a geisha-like outfit on Lyoko, which Odd isn't happy about since he's still a giant purple cat. Jeremie has the three head off to save Maya. Meanwhile, Sissi wakes up and tells her father, Mr. Delmas, and Jim about the factory and the supercomputer within, stressing the dangers of it. Needless to say, they doubt her claims. Jim even sarcastically claims that there's "a giant chemical teddy bear, too." Back on Lyoko, Maya is finally cornered by three of the Block-like monsters. Luckily for her, help arrives in the form of Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi. While Ulrich fends off the monsters, Odd takes the opportunity to flirt with Maya. Ulrich scolds him for it, so he returns to fighting the monsters. Yumi, meanwhile, complains about having no weapon to fight with. As she looks around however, a fan is produced from her back. She's skeptical at first, but her attitude changes when Odd suggests that she throw it. The fan quickly becomes a boomerang-like disk that destroys the remaining monsters. At the school, Sissi is determined to convince her father and Jim that she's not lying, and is leading them to the factory to do so. The electricity orb has made its way to the factory by this point, which Jeremie catches on a security moniter. He informs his friends on Lyoko of the situation, and also notes that two monsters are ahead of them. Outside the factory, Sissi arrives with her father and Jim. On Lyoko, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi are forced to deal with two crab-like monsters. These monsters, unlike the others, prove considerably difficult to destroy. Furthermore, they get no assistance from Jeremie, as the electricity orb has made its way to the lab and is attacking him. Odd is the first to be devirtualized. Ulrich and Yumi do a little better, managing to destroy one through a clever team move. The second, however, manages to disable Yumi. Ulrich tries to attack it, but it catches him mid-jump and tosses him like a rag doll, which subsequently devirtualizes Ulrich when he lands. Just before disappearing, he tells Maya to run to the tower. She tries to do so, but is cornered by the monster. Without even realizing what she is doing, Maya creates a barrier to block the monster, then uses the distraction to get to the tower. Yumi cheers her on, neglecting to watch the monster, which devirtualizes her after blasting through the barrier. In the lab, Sissi, Mr. Delmas, and Jim find the electricity orb attacking Jeremie. Jim tries to help, but is tossed away by a blast from the orb. Maya enters the tower during this exchange. Finding a screen in the center, she touches it. It spells out the name "Aelita" after she presses it, then spells out "Lyoko", dissipating the orb on Earth. Sissi tries to embrace Ulrich after the orb is gone, but he avoids her, angry that she revealed their secret. Sissi claims she was only concerned for him, then asks why Yumi is there, referring to her as "this Chinese girl". Yumi angrily corrects her on her proper nationality. Jeremie asks them about Maya, and Ulrich informs him that Maya didn't return with them. Mr. Delmas cuts them off, demanding that Jeremie shut down the supercomputer. Jeremie refuses, instead activating the "Return to the Past" program he mentioned earlier. As one would expect, they go back in time about a day. Now a day earlier, it seems as if Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi remember what happened. Jeremie still knows about Lyoko, but only because he discovered it several days earlier. They fill him in. Having not gone to Lyoko, Jeremie was excluded from the supercomputer when the return trip took place. He plans to scan himself the next day to prevent it from happening again. In his room, Jeremie explains the situation to Maya. She tells him to call her Aelita, which she realized was her real name after reading it in the tower. Aelita still thinks the supercomputer should be shut down, as do the others, but Jeremie wants one more day to try and bring Aelita to Earth. As the others leave Jeremie's room, they are confronted by Sissi. Like everyone else, she remembers nothing, and is angry for being stood up by Ulrich. Ulrich brushes her off, leaving with his friends. During a quick tour of Lyoko, Jeremie and Aelita explain who their enemy on Lyoko is: XANA, a powerful program capable of controlling electricity through the supercomputer. Only Aelita can stop XANA, since she is the only one capable of deactivating the towers. Materializing Aelita, on the other hand, is a little less simple, and Jeremie claims he'll need more time to do it. Aelita suggests shutting down the supercomputer once more, but the others disagree. Since they know how to destroy the monsters, and how to stop any attacks, they decide to stick with it until Aelita can be brought to Earth.


  • While Sissi is trying to explain XANA's attacks to Jim and Mr. Delmas, Jim makes a sarcastic remark that next it will be a teddy bear attacking. This is foreshadowing the first episode, Teddygozilla.

Preceded by:
XANA Awakens Part 1
Code: LYOKO episode
October 3, 2006
Succeeded by:
Straight to Heart (production-wise)

Teddygozilla (chronologically)

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