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Hiroki Ishiyama

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Hiroki Ishiyama seasons 2-3
Hiroki Ishiyama Season 4

Hiroki Ishiyama is Yumi's younger brother, appearing to look and sound about 8-10, but he enrolls in Kadic Academy in Season 3. Hiroki makes his first appearance in the season 2 episode Exploration. He is usually teasing his sister about her relationship with Ulrich, which makes her a bit unnerved. Although he often mocks his older sister for her relationship with Ulrich, he does seem to approve, even commenting that Ulrich is the one she should be with in the episode A Bad Turn. Unfortunately, he only said this once, as he got his memory erased by a time reversion, but then fortunately in season 4 he spills out the secret that he always tells Yumi to go out with Ulrich, but according to Hiroki, Yumi pretends that she doesn't want to. In season 4, Yumi managed to turn Hiroki's mocking against him by asking about his crush on Milly Solovieff. Hiroki has also proven skills in stealth and evasion as he and his best friend Johnny are able to pick locks and enjoy snooping around in her private life. Hiroki however does appear to have a sense of decency as shown when he accidently loses Yumi's diary in Lost At Sea.

Yumi, Johnny, Ulirch and Hiroki in the gymnasium.


  • It is seen in Canine Conundrum that he likes to hang out with his big sister Yumi.
  • It is seen in False Lead that Hiroki can't be trusted because when he was left with the responsibility of Odd's electronic pet Jean-Pierre. Hiroki threw it onto the road after it died, but Hiroki gains Odd's trust in A Space Oddity by taking good care of Kiwi.


  • He has a best friend named Johnny who has a crush on Yumi, but in the episode The Pretender Hiroki says that Johnny has no chance against Ulrich in winning over Yumi's heart.
  • In Lost At Sea, Hiroki reveals to Ulrich that he has a crush on Milly Solovieff.
  • For some reason, he is the first to receive a Season 4 outfit. This is seen in Skidbladnir, one episode before everybody else does.
  • He is also known to like the Game Boy Advance SP, and can often be seen playing it.
  • It is revealed in Skidbladnir that Hiroki knows Morse Code, which he and his sister use to keep secrets from their parents.
  • It is revealed in Hot Shower that he and Johnny are experienced in picking locks.
  • Hiroki means "abundant joy/strength" in Japanese.
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