CPS 4100

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CPS 4100
File:CPS 4100.jpg
Owner Joey Horgan
Age 2 years
Condition 1 fixed 1 hopeful
Affiliation None

The CPS 4100 is a mid-heavy CPS class primary assault weapon. It was first released in 2002 with the CPS 2100 as a re-relase of the Monster (2001) with different color scheme and lacking QFD functionality.


Dr. D's CPS 4100s

The Big Juicer

One day Dr. D was navigating the narrow and mazelike aisles of the local Target when all of a sudden he came to the toy section. Lo and behold, right there in fron of him were shelves and shelves of the 2004 Soakertag CPS 4100 rerelease. Even more intriguing was the $10 price tag, an offer that was impossible for any soaker enthusiast to pass up. Horgan bought a 4100 and instantly fell in love. He used the 4100 in all battles from there on out and rose to fame as an elite soaker warrior. One day while at some soaker trainee friends' house, one of the brothers picked up the 4100 out of a pile of other guns and infamously said, "Ah. This one's the big juicer." The name stuck ever after and "big juicer" became synanomous with Dr. D's 4100. The Big Juicer's reign of terror was tragivally cut short however, as Dr. D would soon learn the CPS 4100's one critical weakness: a trigger that was about as strong as the average wall (a reference to Bradley Barbour's fall through Evan's wall). The Big Juicer was honorably retired and its internals still are kept by Horgan today.

Big Juicer: Jungle Camo Edition

In a matter of weeks, Dr. D once again found himself at Target in the toy aisle. Although this time the price had risen to $20.00, Horgan could not help but purchase another of the guns he cherished so much. Dr. D at this time was starting his stint in Super Soaker modding and repairing, and was curious to try his hand at a paint job. He proceeded to locate a camo-colored spray paint bottle out of his garage (no joke... this was one of the luckiest days of his life) and removed the outside shell from the original Big Juicer. He then sprayed the shell in the camoflague colors and replaced the new CPS 4100's outside with the sprayed shell. Born again was the Big Juicer, this time known as Big Juicer: Jungle Camo Edition. The BJ:JCE quickly became more feared and infamous than the first, admired for its accuracy, power and sweet awesome paint job. The BJ:JCE remained Dr. D's primary blaster for the rest of the summer, until one late August day at Pryzant, Evan's house when trajidey* struck. Blank Club members and affiliates all cried out in pain as the BJ:JCE's trigger fell out of Horgan's hand just as the first had. Horgan would not give up so easily, and decided to try his first repair job on the gun he knew and loved. He succeeded in epoxying the trigger back on after weeks of effort. Then it fell off again before it could even enter comabt. Defeated, Dr. D proceeded to lose the trigger and grudgingly retire the epic weapon. For months, Big Juicer was in repair and Dr. D was hopeful in fixing it for the 2006 season.

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*(not a typo, a reference to the infamous Have you heard about the Tragity? IM with LJ)
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