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Real Name Like, Not Given, yo.
Registration Date March 4th, 2005
Rank Order of the Owl
Regulars Action Discussion

Spiceweasel228 is a member of the da message boards (like, der). She is known for being a rabid weasel and occasionally sacrificing dairy products to dickcow. Because he tells her to.


Pre-Board Life

Spice was born to a Sri Lankan family of OVER 9000, labeled by her mother and father as child #228. After all her brothers and sisters got cholera, and like, got extinct, her parents sent her to DA STATES in order to receive proper edumerkashunz and become the bread winner for the family (and yes, I do literally mean bread). After she was accepted into Harvard, she majored in Agriculture Biochemistry and revolutionized the world with a brand new invention: spam. However, due to the nature of her invention, she was exiled from the university and then sent to the Himalayas in order to ponder what to do with her life at this point. After meating up with the Yeti (misspelt on purpose), she went back to the US via carrier pigeon to begin life anew, marketing her spam online. After much consideration, she decided to advertise her spam on adult swim's message boards, where people instantly bought in and made her richer than Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump taped together to make one mega-ultra-super-uber huge entrepreneur.

She's now, like, super popular, and stuff.


She also invented the holes in donuts. For the purpose of maximum pleasure.


Arg. She sails the seas of Action Discussion searching for her booty, with her shipmate, MoonGoddess17, and her navigator, LGott23. She also has a parrot that knows better grammar than her. Whaddup widdat?

Be Careful

She might plunder yer poop deck.

ADers' Wonderful Comments

(and they damn well be wonderful.)

  • she can spice my weasel anyday. - KL
  • TITS AND ASS! The person who ruined OMNI's really cool Wiki thingy page. She's also very very hot. Hottest girl in AD.
  • She also mukked up the glossary page.
  • Spice is lgott23's twin!
  • She's spiceh!
  • jerk
  • CLICK HERE within 24 hours to receive your free natural male enhancement pills.
  • Spice! w00t! and stuff.. - AlastourBlaque
  • Wait, she's apparently so sexy, but has anyone actually seen a picture of her?
  • Yaharr! Avast ye lassie for thee cutlass duel of yer life!
  • spice was like my bestest friend once and needs to waste more time with us. She also looks good in a miniskirt. - Cille
  • "Wait, she's apparently so sexy, but has anyone actually seen a picture of her?" :D:D I have

Pics for Spicey

Turtle Sex!

A cape for Spicey!


A caterpillar!

Fate (seriously, this was the coolest thing I could find for you, Spicey... >.>)

Comic Fudge Brownies! (wtf?!? XD)

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