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A modernist painting, or possibly a moderator

Dante is the moderator of Burdensome Books, the third category of 667. Serving in this position since time immemorial, his iron grip on the category is nigh-legendary, and he is frequently used as an example of a Nazi mod by faux-rebellious figures like ironic Detriment Deleter PJ and tabloid journalist Akbar. His domain recently expanded to include Ravaged Resources, from which he'd already been stealing articles, but nobody cared enough to stop him.


[edit] Contributions to the A Series of Unfortunate Events Fandom

Dante's considerable influence in the Lemony Snicket fandom has dragged it into the postmodern age, whether it likes it or not. Under his benevolent dictatorial hand, the ugly duckling that was the fandom was raised into a beautiful flower, and consequently, theories and knowledge of aSoUE have developed tremendously into their most advanced state. This involves there not being any theories at all, because everything's "ambiguous." Right, I'm sure. Dante also argues that, like, none of The Beatrice Letters is canon, due to the corrupting influence of the people who published, designed, and wrote the book.

Dante has stated that he doesn't want there to be any more aSoUE books, and his assassins are out to make sure there never are.

[edit] Fiction

Dante is probably one of the few authors to actually finish their 667fic. In his most famous story, the epic fic Divided, he naturally served as the Mary-Sue of the tale and used it to flame his personal enemies, both metaphorically and literally. In another story, The Abyss, he sent various political figures to Hell, where they belong (even if the story was only meant to be one chapter in length).

[edit] Allegations of Secrecy

Dante has been accused of keeping secrets from 667 and 667ers, and manipulating the flow of information to suit his own needs. Where do these claims come from? That is, of course, a secret.

[edit] Some Facts

-People beg him to come back to Menacing Miscellaneous, but he cruelly refuses. Despite this, they keep on asking; these people sure must enjoy disappointment.

-It's said that the reason he's not seen much is because he eloped with Antenora. Or maybe they were shipwrecked or something.

-He's secretly manipulating all events on 667, right down to your reading this sentence.

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