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In schools we need to bookmark our book pages for reference. But now in modern times we bookmark in the computer as there are so many sites and we cannot remember them all. So we need to use the bookmark option for bookmarking in websites. A social bookmarking service is a central online service which enables users to add, modify, and delete bookmarks of web documents with additional metadata. In simple words we can say that bookmark is tagging some website and saving it for later use. In modern time it is one of the most intelligent search engines. Today it is very simple to use and store. Social bookmarking service is also one of the best SEO techniques. It engages linking sites to multiple blogs, forums on social networking sites, web content sites, blog sites and other online sources. Skilled professionals do the social bookmarking service. With the social bookmarking services we are able to get targeted traffic to our sites bookmarks .

Social bookmarking helps you specifically target what you want to see. Instead of going into a search engine, typing something in, and then searching for that needle in a haystack, you can quickly narrow down the items to what you are looking for. With the help of the social bookmarking you can send the favourite links or sites to your friends or to dear and near ones without much wasting your time on the search engines news.

Social news sites are absolutely dissimilar from the social bookmarking sites. It mainly concentrates on particular blogs, articles etc. These social bookmarking sites are a great source of news as it focuses on particular blogs and articles. In these social bookmarking sites you can easily participate in the discussion and leave comments in your favourite news items. The popular social bookmarking services are Digg, Reddit and Propeller upcoming .

In today’s life where promotion is the only key factor to sell product. Whether it is in the market or through websites. Bookmarking service is the best way to earn more and more backlinks to your site. You can call it as a type of promotion of the product. Now a day’s backlink is the good key factor for link building. In only one wheel package you will receive different types of backlinks. Different types of backlinks are web 2.0, social bookmark, wiki, article directory, gov, edu, high authority, high PR, RSS directory, etc. All these will help you to have more traffic and which will help in to increase your business and also help you to earn more and more money. At last we can say that if you want to promote your product and want more traffic towards your site then you can simple use this social bookmarking services and social bookmarking sites. Not only this you can also store and use it for future. It has some negative uses too. The spammers have started using the bookmarking on the same web page multiple times and on each page of their web site using a lot of popular tags, obligating developers to constantly adjust their security system to overcome abuses.

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