You get changed like nothing happened


You spread your arms and stretch your legs; curling your toes, you step out your bed. The gardener stood curios scratching his disfigured head. You scroll around your room to watch his next move while cum is leaking out your pussy.

He scrummages through his pockets and pulls out purple card with sketched on smoke."Ma'am thanks for your service.... Here the pay." It was a voucher with £50.

He quickly put his cock away, ran out the door then slammed it. He needed to run before he was caught, or at least he thought he would. You now stand bare, except for the skimpy bra. You walk to you cupboard and search through your clothes and come to the apparent conclusion of three outfits.

A white dress that is low cut,décolleté and up to your thigh, with black thigh high boots (no underwear)

A white knitted sweater which barley covering your ass, grey thigh high socks and ankle boots (no underwear)

A one piece catsuit weaved in tight black spandex (not shiny) with a sponsor on your ass cheeks, pink fuck me pumps(only panties)

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