You've gotten this far, go all the way


He pulls your panties off, leaving your bottom half exposed. Your skin and pussy are shaved completely. Your lying on your back in missionary at the edge of the bed,

He gets two fingers and spreads out your pussy, he lets the creams drip from your pussy; reach the tip of your asshole. He licks your cream from ass to pussy. You can only help but feel nervous like this is your first time.

A bit more juice runs through, down your pussy, he wipes it with his cock, your pussy begins to shake nervously, like it wanted to go back on its words. He uses your juice as lube, as he gently strokes his cock

"Can't wait for a bit o' cock eh?" He strokes his cock up and down your pussy, you feel like your going to cum from the very sensation. You grip the bed sheets anxiously. He pushes the tip of his knob in your hole, it barely fit and your pussy is already pumping cum.

"Ah-A-AH!" He had already started panting, but he hadn't came yet. "Your juices are already making my cock throb!!"

WAS HE AN IDIOT!! He thrust his cock halfway in. You dig your nails into the bedsheets, and pull your head back in agony. You couldn't handle much more, you pussy felt like a virgin and he was shoving in 7inches.

He started to push in and out,every time my pussy's walls became lighter, until eventually all 7inches fit in. "Finally your stupid twat can handle my cock." He pulls it out and slaps your cunt. You try to breathe, but he sticks it in further pumping his cock in and out constantly. You somewhat enjoyed being thrusted endlessly by a fat, disgusting man, his balls constantly slapped your ass.

After five minutes of constant thrusting and pain "I'm gonna cum!" You opened your eyes wide and tried moving away, but all you could do was squirm as he held your hips to his cock. His cum was warm inside your womb and it felt like your pussy was melting. There was so much.

You push him away and rum to the shower

You get changed like nothing happened

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