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Feel free to list features here for competitors to this host. Our goal is for all users to have a happy experience, and if that's found elsewhere, so be it! For your reference, the current versions of MediaWiki are 1.20.3 and 1.19. (Current as: 2013-03-12).

Comparison table

Service Pricing Features Engine Content license Pros Cons
[://] Free (has ads) Wiki farm with unlimited pages and users, wiki spam protection, and RSS feeds. Private ownership of wikis MediaWiki 1.15.1 Wiki creators can set their own Flexible Spammy and inactive
[:// Referata] Free Fast semantic wiki setup. This wiki uses the Semantic-MediaWiki extension. There are also premium plans that let you make your wiki private. There is no limit to the number of wikis you can own. MediaWiki 1.19.2 Wiki creators can set their own has Semantic MediaWiki Sometimes has errors, premium plans
[:// MyWikis] Free and premium packages, no ads anymore ;) MyWikis offers all sorts of website hosting. Wiki hosting is our specialty! You can host a forum and blog with the wiki AT THE SAME TIME for absolutely NO EXTRA COST!!! Any Any 99% uptime None
[:// Wikia] free (has ads for unregistered users) Wikia hosts most of the largest community-built wikis outside of Wikipedia, including the Wookieepedia and WoWWiki. All wikis are community-owned and openly editable. MediaWiki 1.19.3 Usually GFDL or another free licence. offers Semantic MediaWiki, developed Mean staff, not really a wiki, advertising prominent
[:// Wikkii] Free (has ads) Features complete back-end control with full FTP and Cpanel access. Initially 1GB storage and 10GB bandwidth. Install any wiki script. Add unlimited custom templates, add-ons, and plugins. Free domain names for popular wikis. MediaWiki 1.16.5 Wiki creators can set their own User account databases separate Availability problems
[:// ShoutWiki] Paid and free (has ads) Wikifarm, allows social features on request, private or public, special features for paid plans MediaWiki 1.20.2 Wiki creators can set their own Easily customizable Availability problems in the past
[://] Paid only serviced wikis, private or public, semantic/social/special features MediaWiki 1.19.4 Wiki creators can set their on offers Semantic MediaWiki, caters primarily for German speaking people only paid plans, caters primarily for German speaking people

Other wiki farms

Most of the wiki farms below have WYSIWYG or rich text editors that don't require learning or using Wikitext markup, which is what the above MediaWiki farms employ for editing pages. Those few that do not have editors will likely have their own Wikitext markup language that will be similar to the one used by Wikipedia.

Wiki farm Price Features Wiki engine Content license [://] paid subscription-based, SSL Encryption, Custom Domain Support, etc. custom wiki engine written in Java
eTouch SamePage [://] paid WYSIWYG editing, project management, permissioning, administration and support for multiple domains Custom Wiki-Engine built on J2EE powered by eTouch CMS [://] free Full GForged site open to new projects, which have a wiki for document collaboration and Wiki farm MoinMoin Copyleft (choice of Creative Commons, GNU FDL, other licenses)
PBwiki [://] free and paid options Hosts simple, password-protected wikis on subdomain. No page limits, SSL, RSS & Atom, ZIP backups, diff, over 90,000 wikis already hosted, six wiki "skins", file uploads, page hiding, page locking custom wiki engine
ProjectForum [://] paid custom wiki engine
TeamWikis [://] paid Private wiki hosting designed for small-medium sized teams or organizations. Includes multiple wiki workspaces, WYSIWYG editing, version history, document management, and much more. ProjectForum
Wetpaint [://] free Features: True WYSIWYG Editing, Custom Page Hierarchies, Comment and Reply Forums with Comment Ratings, Access Control, Keyword Search, Tags, Tag Filtering, Skins, RSS, Page Locking, Profiles, Site Activity Report, Page and Comment Watching Custom Java-based engine Creative Commons [://] free Sites get a subdomain on and 1 free custom domain mapping. Free Sites are supported by ads. RSS import/export, private RSS feeds for Users (notifications and watched items), RSS for page changes and forum, customizable themes, advanced forum for each Site. Custom page hierarchies, searching, advanced page (full/section/append) edit locking, blocking users and IP addresses. Private messages between users. Uses Ajax for clean interface. SEO-friendly. No limits on site size. Private (non-public) sites offered for free. heavily modified [:// Text_Wiki engine] Creative Commons, GNU FDL, other licenses [://] free 100 MB space, File and Image upload, User authentication, Private wikis, Subdomains for wikis larger than 30 pages, RSS, Edit locking, Fulltext search, Email notifications, adSense advertising, Complete wiki export, Unlimited pages, Unlimited Revisions, Diff function, Revert of old revisions GeboGebo by default Creative Commons, others as needed
Wikispaces [://] free and paid options WYSIWYG editing, clean easy to use interface, users get a subdomain on Free version supported by Google ads - Wikispaces ads can be turned off for a fee. No limits on numbers of pages, spaces, or members. Full RSS support; easy space backups in zip and tgz. Blog import function/ integration with and Typepad. Themes and stylesheets can be customized. Private label service available. custom wiki engine choice of Creative Commons, GNU FDL, other licenses
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