Understanding your Topic

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What the crap is going on?

Want the answer to this question? Here are a few steps that can help you understand the concepts

that are influencing you projects.

  • Go to the library:

Even though you have the internet at your finger tips it is really hard to find equations and

concepts for any thing but the simpelest problems. Books can be the first step to finding a

monsterous amount information on you subject. Good books contain a list of research papers from

where they drew their information. For example if you are trying to make a mist of particles

that are 15 micron in size you could get a book on multiphase flows. In the book they may write

a paragraph about particle creation with a spinning disk. In that brief paragraph many times

the author may have refrenced a few scientific papers. With in these papers you can find explicit

details about what other people have done experimental work on. If you still need more information

you can look in the referencs of the papers and find even more information.

  • Finding Papers:

First of all one thing that I have found is that papers from the fifties are normally really good.

People at this time spend more time on concepts rather than loading pages down with meaningless

equations. A good place to find papers is [1] Engineering Village

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