The Joker


Batgirl was on Patrol alone for the Knight while Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake attends a fundraiser held by Bruce himself. Batgirl suddenly saw a woman in distress and witness an attempt mugging. Batgirl flew down and manage to disarm the thug as he engage in hand to hand combat. After a brief fight, Batgirl reassured the female victim the cops were on their way, before she manage to continue her patrol, the female victim pulled out a Revovler and fired Batgirl from behind. The shots were revealed as knock out darts. Batgirl fought all she could to stay up. "" Batgirl said before falling to the ground. A figure appeared behind an alleyway and revealed as the Joker himself and the female victim as Harley Quinn. "Take that Bird Girl, HA" Harley Quinn said to the unconscious Female Bat Fighter. Harley quickly picked up Batgirl and carried her away in the dark alley with Joker following behind before the Police had already arrived.

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